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Before we take care of anything, first priority should be ourselves – health & personal care. Healthy body is like as a blooming flower in the sunshine. In order to have a healthy life, you should have your own regulations to take care of yourself. One of them are using healthcare products. These vitamin d lamps are some of the best recommendations for you in this field.

You are in RIGHT PLACE.

This page reaches your expectation. Which we list out some of best products vitamin d lamps with good feedback & comments from users and they are also sold a lot in e-commerce channels.

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Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 LUX – Sun Lamp To Combat Winter Blues and To Increase Your Energy by Carex Check Price

1. vitamin d lamps Review – Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 LUX – Sun Lamp To Combat Winter Blues and To Increase Your Energy

Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp - 10,000 LUX - Sun Lamp To Combat Winter Blues and To Increase Your Energy


  • SAFE LIGHT THERAPY LAMPS. Combat fatigue, circadian sleep disorders, jet lag, shift work adjustment, and low energy with this bright light therapy lamp. The Day-Light Sky lamp is a light box that delivers the recommended 10,000 LUX light therapy.
  • LOOKING FOR SUN LAMPS? Our sunlight lamp is glare-free and flicker free that evenly distributes the light therapy. Made with high-efficiency ballasts, the Day-Light Sky daylight lamp eliminates flicker that comes with ordinary fluorescent fixtures
  • 2 SETTINGS: The light therapy lamp offers two settings. One setting provides 10000 LUX of therapeutic glare-free white light while the one-light setting provides convenient glare-free task lighting making it the perfect sunlight therapy lamp for any situation.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED, RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS. Doctors are recommending sun lamps and sunlight light therapy lamps for fatigue, jet lag, and for increasing energy. Exposure to the sunrise and sunlight is a key factor in synchronizing our bodies to the external world.
  • UV FILTERED & SAFE. The light box is made of Hi-impact polycarbonate and the lens filters 99.3% of harmful UV rays. This light therapy device meets the standards for safe sun lamp therapy and full spectrum light therapy

Combat the Winter Blues, circadian sleep disorders, jet lag, shift work adjustment and low energy with the Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp. The light therapy lamp is a 10,000 LUX light that features ‘in home’ bright light therapy. Bright light therapy experts recommend BrightZone Technology that delivers 10,000 LUX in a broad field of illumination. The Day-Light Sky sun lamp provides the maximum dose of 99.3% UV-filtered white light and projects light from above for effective light therapy. Set up the Day-light Sky for optimal results with height and angle adjustments. This bright light meets the clinical guidelines for effective light therapy and offers two flicker-free settings for either light therapy or task lighting. Other features of the light include a contemporary design for home or office, 10,000 LUX of white light for optimal therapy, and a glare-free diffusion screen that blocks 99.3% of UV for eye safety and comfort. This light therapy lamp has a 5 year limited warranty. Who Can Benefit From A Bright Light Therapy Lamp? For those with mild to moderate Winter Blues, sleep issues, regular use of a bright light therapy device can provide relief. For most conditions, use shortly after waking or in the morning. Place your device above your line of sight, where possible, to maximize the light reaching your eyes. You should be facing the lamp with eyes open during sessions, but you do not need to look directly at the light. Over the first few days of use, assess the effect, and if necessary, lengthen or shorten the session time based on your response. Light therapy is a perfect solution for those who live in the middle part of the U.S., upper part of the U.S., and all of Canada to brighten the mood and increase energy during the winter months.

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